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"How we die and how we care for dying people, and who our dead are to us: these are what makes us human. These are where our real culture is made or lost. Dying is where we can plant our feet in the world and live. Dying is village making"


How Can a Death Doula Help

The end of life is something few talk about, yet is one of the most universal truths we all live with. We will die, whether we like it or not. Since few people talk about this natural phenomenon of life, it can leave many terminally-ill individuals and their families filled with unresolved questions and a lack of understanding for what to expect in the last chapter of life…death.

As your death doula I facilitate discussion and hold space for expectations, wishes, fears, challenges and what ever else that needs to be heard…be heard. This involves meeting you where you are at within yourself; providing information and practical education around death and dying; and offering emotional and spiritual support with respect to culture, beliefs and ritual. Once arriving at a place of acceptance and clarity, further assistance can be provided with attending the practical, such as funeral planning, advanced care directives and heart wishes...or even a living wake.

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