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I am a registered nurse with experience in palliative care and have always felt a sense of reverence when working with the dying. I am interested in how different cultures have certain practices around birth, death and everything in between, and feel passionate about supporting and educating people on how to have a positive death what ever that may mean to them.


Facing my own mortality in the past due to a health condition has brought me to a place of acceptance and peace as well as sparked interest in the transition of death and dying.  Through my experience I have become comfortable with discussing death and dying with others to help discover and navigate fears, hopes and dreams.


I have completed the Midwifing Death Correspondence Course with Michael Barbato, and Denise Loves Death Doula Course. Through this work I have been able to come to a place and practice of embracing life today, and hope to support others faced with death and dying to do the same.

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