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Healing Presence

The intention of providing a healing presence is not to remedy. The intention is to hold a space for you to move towards wholeness in whatever shape or form that may be. A healing presence can provide the tools and guidance for you to feel safe, supported and heard. An opportunity to sit with someone in sacred silence, or to explore and express expectations, wishes, fears, challenges and anything else around death and dying that needs to be heard.


Supporting those nearing the end of life, advocating for their needs, wishes, and preferences within the healthcare system. Advocating for the client ensures their voice is heard, respected and understood by health care providers and others, empowering them to navigate this delicate journey with dignity and in line with their values.


Education and support is available for both the dying person and their families. This includes practical care guidance for the dying and emphasises essential self-care practices for the family members. Additionally, open discussion can be facilitated about death and dying, creating a safe environment for shared understanding and emotional support.


Short term respite care is available by negotiation. Family support through bedside vigils for before and after death. Assistance in navigating the health care system to arrange dying at home, or have them brought home after death. Assistance can also include developing meal and care rosters, and supporting the beginning of the grieving process to enable healthy grieving and healing.


Help in planning meaningful living wakes. Assist with Advanced Care Directives and heart wills. Guidance and education with funeral planning that is personable and resonates with culture, values, beliefs and ritual. Offering a focus on eco-friendly options, but supporting all choices, needs and beliefs. Liaising with funeral specialists to ensure a seamless process, honouring your wishes with compassionate guidance throughout.


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